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Who We Are
Idea - New Concept

As a company that is interested in helping to save our fragile ecosystem, we jumped at the opportunity to produce a substitute for plastic bags. We hope that you will encourage the use of green products, so we can together protect our future generation.

Would you like to contribute to making the world a better place to live?

- You can be part of the solution of needless waste and pollution by using recycled, recyclable and reusable products.
- You can help in the growing of a green economy.
- Our products are made from recyclable materials and are reusable.
- Using our products helps maintain market demand for recyclables and ensures the continuation of recycling to help preserve the environment.
- By offering our bags for sale or promotional use, stores and corporations offer visible evidence of their commitment to the environment.

Our bags provide a unique opportunity to:

- Replace plastic and paper bags with reusable, eco-friendly bags
- Increase your name-recognition at low cost
- Demonstrate your commitment to preserving the environment