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All shopping bags come standard with
“fabric-covered” cardboard inserts, and handles stitched all the way to the bottom
of the bag for added strength, durability, and maximum printing space on both sides of your bag.


"San Francisco Medium"

Size: 12"W x 13.6"H x 8.5"D


"San Francisco Extra Large"

Size: 26"W x 15"H x 9.4"D

Customize your own reusable bag!
How big do you want your message to be?

Advantages of non-woven polypropolene

- The Poly Products are made with 100% Non-Woven polypropylene
- Reusable and recyclable
- Non-toxic, allergy-free, and non-reactive to human skin
- Attractive looking and can carry your name, logo and message around town
- Economical
- Durable
- Hand washable
- Has a long life

To ask for more information about these products please,
send us an e-mail, fax or call (707) 338-2778 or (707) 338-7580.


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