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Do You Know???

Waste Production

- In the U.S., 4.39 pounds of trash are produced per day and up to 56 tons of trash per year are created by the average person.
- Only about one-tenth of all solid garbage in the United States gets recycled.
- Each day the United States throws away enough trash to fill 63,000 garbage trucks.
- Almost 1/3 of the waste generated in the U.S. is packaging.
- Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour.
- Every year, Americans make enough plastic film to shrink-wrap the state of Texas.
- The amount of glass bottles Americans throw away every two weeks would have filled both World Trade Center towers.
- In the U.S., an additional 5 million tons of waste is generated during the holidays. Four million tons of this is
wrapping paper and shopping bags.
- Sixty-five billion aluminum soda cans are used each year.



Recycling Works!

- Recycling an aluminum soda can saves 96% of the energy used to make a can from ore,
and produces 95% less air pollution and 97% less water pollution.
- It takes the energy equivalent of half a soda can of gasoline to produce one soda can from bauxite ore.
- In 1986, 48.7% of all aluminum cans were being recycled. In 1990, that precentqage increased to
63.6% and, in 1996, 63.5% were being recycled.
- It takes 90% less energy to recycle an aluminum can than to make a new one.

Do your part... Recycle.

Some Easy Steps To A Better Environment

- Buy reusable, non-woven products.
- Shop for the environment - cut down on packaging.
- Buy goods and packaging that are made from recycled materials or are recyclable.
- Do the right thing - recycle.
- Compost your waste and get growing.
- Don't litter and don't tolerate people who do.
- Water is life. Think about it and conserve.
- Dispose of old paint and waste liquids properly. Don't pour them down the drain.
- Leave the car at home from time to time.
- Save energy. Use it sparingly.
- Choose energy efficient rating labels.
- Educate and encourage children to think about the environment.
- Use a reusable lunch box instead of brown paper bags.
- Use recycled products and ones with recycled packaging.

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